A new app available in Japan allows users to see an accurate translation in real time by simply pointing the mobile camera in the direction of foreign content.

Customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive with many saying the app has opened their eyes to a whole new world.

“Thanks to my new app I learnt that Mike isn’t an ikemen but is in fact an ugly nerd,” said one satisfied customer.

“It’s a good thing too because I almost asked him if he could teach me English.”

Another satisfied customer, Ryota Kobayashi, says he will be forever grateful to the app after almost asking an exchange student from America on a date.

“I love my new app – it helped me translate Sally and I discovered that she is a total loser.”

The app is free to download and is expected to contribute to the decline in Japan’s population growth.


  1. I heard that if you hold this app over a plastic omurice, it shows you a plastic omelette and bowl of fried rice.


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