A news crew situated on a street corner in Tokyo has waited patiently for several hours for some random pedestrian’s umbrella to turn inside out.

“We’ve been targeting your more superior model of umbrella to demonstrate the full force of typhoon Lionrock but we may have to settle for this shitty little grey umbrella,” said Nippon TV news reporter Yuji Yamato.

“TV station directors are expecting footage capturing the total destruction of at least a 108 yen transparent umbrella so we’re well behind the eight ball.”

TV crews have been known to wait for up to ten hours before attaining that perfect umbrella money shot.

“There is a lot of luck involved – sometimes it just takes the right wind trajectory to get under the canopy and put maximum pressure on all umbrella poles at the same time.”

The news crew successfully filmed supplementary material soon after arriving at the Tokyo street corner including some businessman running with his suitcase covering his head and a bunch of laughing girls running without an umbrella.

The undersized grey umbrella was eventually obliterated by a medium strength gust of wind.

Image: Choi


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