President Barack Obama laying reticent on one of the two Blue Room sofas

Michelle Obama has banished her husband to the Whitehouse sofa after he commenced a non-sexual but unusually close relationship with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the Whitehouse lawn.

President Barack Obama was witnessed laying reticent on one of the two Blue Room sofas thinking long and hard about what he’d done wrong.

“You never tell your own wife how good-looking she is,” Michelle Obama was heard screaming at the President.

President Obama tried to calm the situation by calling it an innocent attempt at bromance.

“There’s not many good-looking leaders out there honey, this was a rare chance at some mutual man love,” Obama pleaded to Michelle.

“You think its fun hanging out with guys like Benjamin Netanyahu and Salman of Saudi Arabia.”

The U.S. President was last seen scribbling foot massage I.O.U cards addressed to “Michelle – my only love”.


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