Mind blowing bicycle journey begins on one leg

An old lady in Chiyoda Ward today started her mind-blowing bicycle trip with the one-leg-on-pedal skip maneuver.

Onlookers were impressed with the move which was executed with a full basket of groceries and an umbrella wedged between the back tire and the back tire rear-guard metal rod.

“That lady is clearly about to embark on an incredible journey,” said one bystander.

The one-leg-on-pedal skip move has a higher degree of difficulty compared to simply pedaling once sitting on the bicycle.

But the risky move has massive benefits to the rider’s self-esteem and the general optimism of society at large.

“She really nailed the take off – you just know she’s in for one hell of a day,” said another pedestrian.

“Seeing an old lady begin her voyage with the one-leg-on-pedal skip maneuver without knocking off her umbrella just fills me with inspiration.”


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