An online form this evening has been rejected because it contains half-width characters.

“What does full-width even mean!?” asked 22-year-old girljin Michelle Banks.

“Doko do I find the full-width opushon on my kiiboodo?”

Once learning how to convert half-width characters into full-width characters after a quick search on Yahoo! the woman attempted to resubmit the online form, but it was again rejected.

“What the hell Japan? I zenkaku-ed that shit and you still won’t take my form?”

Banks is now currently searching for a half-width character hidden within her form now full of full-width characters, but is still not totally convinced there is still a half-width character in her form and is worried it’s just a website error.

Unfortunately, Banks typed some numbers in half-width character mode and will spend another 15 minutes trying to find the problem.

The economic cost to Japan of people converting half-width characters back into full-width characters and vice versa is estimated to be around 70 billion yen per fiscal year.