A telephone operator has panicked after a customer responded to a name request with a very foreign sounding combination of sounds.

The call was progressing smoothly with customer Andrew Davidson being an N1 ranking gaijin after studying Japanese for 14 years, but the conversation took a turn for the worse after he was asked for a full name.

“A-n-do-ruu De-i-bi-do-so-n,” Davidson told the customer service representative.

Davidson says that’s pretty much when “everything went to hell in a hand basket”.

“I think I was just about at the ‘ruu’ part of my name when I stopped receiving any aizuchi confirmation sounds from the other end of the line,” he said.

The foreign sounding name triggered some sort of telephone operator reaction where Japanese was suddenly spoken slowly with a few English words thrown in at random moments to explain that Davidson would now be transferred to an English interpreter.

Davidson insisted that he could speak fluent Japanese in fluent Japanese. However, he was already being connected through to the English helpline.

Davidson is still currently listening to his unsolved Internet problem being translated back-and-forth between several customer service representatives in two languages of which he can understand both.

Source: Haley A.
Image: Pakutaso


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