Male Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui (right), Trade Minister Hiroshige Seko, also male, giving the double fist pump (center left), Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura, also male (center back), Yohei Ohshima, you guessed it, male (back left), Issei Endō, another male (back left holding a cat), Shota Suzuki, male (back left holding a phone), Yudai Ohno, we need an acronym for male (back left raising arm), Koji Fukutani, male = m (right holding a phone), Taisuke Maruyama, m (left, losing his shit), Daisuke Yamai, m (right, afro), Takuma Achira, m (behind the mayor looking at his feet), Kei Nomoto, m (right, behind the gaijin), Peter Smith, m (some gaijin assigned to Osaka by the JET program), celebrate after winning the vote at the 164th General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions in Paris, Friday. (右端に座っている男性 松井大阪府知事、両手を挙げている別の男性 世耕経済産業大臣(中央左)、さらに別の男性 吉村大阪市長(後方中央)、さらにまた別の男性 大島(後方左)、男性 遠藤(後方左で猫を抱えている)、男性 鈴木(後方左で携帯を持っている)、そろそろ男性を略語が必要な 大野(後方左で両手を挙げている)、男性(=男)福谷(右で携帯を持っている)、男 丸山(左で人一倍にリアクションしている)、男 山井(右のアフロヘア―)、男 足立(市長の後ろで足元を見ている)、男 野本(右で外国人男性の後ろ)、男 スミス(JETで大阪府に派遣された外人)、パリで開催された第164回博覧会国際事務局(BIE)総会で祝福する様子。(23日))

Males from the Japanese city of Osaka will host the World Expo in 2025, after getting the nod ahead of cities in Russia and Azerbaijan.

The expo is expected to attract millions of overseas visitors and showcase how men can manage an event without the help of any females.

Shrieks of joy from over 100 Japanese men crammed into a small room could be heard throughout the Paris auditorium after the 170 member states voted in favor of Osaka.

“MEN!!!” shouted Japan’s male economy and trade minister Hiroshige Seko.

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, who is also male, said in a statement that the country will make “an utmost effort” to fill the volunteer quota with “attractive young females”.

Image: AP