Almost half of cities and towns across Japan are concerned about the large quantities of foreign workers not sparking any joy with the introduction of government policies addressing labor shortages.

Many areas throughout Japan are becoming extremely untidy with significant numbers of gaijin scattered “all over the place”.

“There’s white, black, orange, Asian, halfs – we don’t need more of them, we need a proper clean out,” says 44-year-old local Hiroki Matsuhiro.

Japanese society is evolving into a sordid mess with a vast range of cultures infiltrating its shores.

“My life is so cluttered with multiculturalism,” says 67-year-old housewife Yumi Sakatoshi.

The government has, however, sparked joy into the lives of many by banning the families of foreign workers from gaining residence in Japan.

“I’m also joyous that they have to leave after 5 years, so they can’t make Japan their permanent home,” says Sakatoshi.

Image: Pixa