A karaoke reveller going hard in Gifu City this weekend has laid everything on the line in front of friends and work colleagues.

After a couple of alcoholic beverages on the all-you-can-drink plan, 25-year-old Jack Nelson was comfortable enough to let his true emotions run wild.

Once Nelson began assuming the standing position just a couple of notes into his chosen songs, his friends knew they were in for some heat.

“C’mon buddy, I didn’t pay 300 yen per half an hour to see that level of commitment,” said 27-year-old Scotty Baker.

“I mean, this isn’t a Taylor Swift concert.”

Nelson’s colleagues felt if Nelson put in that amount of dedication into his work his students would be fluent in English within a few months.

During the second hour of drinking Nelson came back into the room after a toilet break with a box full of tambourines and maracas.

Image: Flickr/olaiskjaervoy


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