An overworked salaryman has begun Golden Week reintroducing himself to his family by presenting his meishi name card to his wife and kids.

“Hello. My name is Naoki Tanaka. I belong to Mitsubishi Corporation,” a 57-year-old Tanaka explained to his three-year-old daughter.

“I’m your father.”

Tanaka spent Friday morning providing details about who he was to his two children and wife of 27 years.

Tanaka’s golden balls are fully owned by The Man, but he is allowed to share them with his wife for an extended period in spring. Some say this is where the term Golden Week originated.

“I thought, ‘who is this old man and what is he doing in my house?’,” said Tanaka’s wife.

The Tanaka family will have plenty of time to communicate in private during Golden Week as they are expected to spend at least one sixth of the long vacation stuck in heavy traffic.




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