Weekend revellers traveling to Disneyland this morning were shocked to find Mickey Mouse passed out near the Bayside Station platform one barriers on the main Disney line.

Several families with young children reportedly witnessed the unsightly scene before police escorted the inebriated rodent from the station.

“We told little Saki-chan mice like to sleep on rock hard surfaces near fast moving objects – we could hardly tell her Japan Inc. has Mickey by the balls and his only outlet is to get absolutely maggoted on a Friday night.”

Saki-chan asked her younger sister if she could also see a small white patch of filth next to Mickey’s lifeless body.

“Hey Minami, I’m pretty sure I see a some throw up on the ground, and also a bit around Mickey’s mouth – you see it too?” asked Saki.

Minami told her sister Mickey must have had rice balls for dinner last night.

Mickey Mouse didn’t have rice balls for dinner last night, Mickey didn’t have dinner, only around forty cups of nigori cloudy white sake, which may have contributed to his ultimate demise.

Image: Flickr/RobYoung (edited TRW)


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