The Party of Hope and the Democratic Party Of Japan announced a merger on Monday to forming the new ‘Japan no Hope’ party.

“With our forces combined,” Democratic Party of Japan leader Kohei Otsuka told a small crowd, “we have created a larger no hope party”.

Prior to the merger, the two parties had a total of 107 Diet members, however only 62 joined, and now “the nation has no hope”.

The Japan no Hope party will give voters the right to continue to say they have “no one else to vote for”.

“The Education Minister reportedly visited a hostess yoga club run by an ex-porn star for a 2-hour massage, but I’m still going to have to vote for the LDP,” said 38-year-old housewife Tomoko Suzuki.

The Japan no Hope party is expected to change its name again before the next general election.

Image: Xinhuanet

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