Tokyo Police arrested one customer in a local Shibuya bar suspected of “smashing out funky dance moves” on the eve of the federal government’s decision to overturn the ban on dancing for unlicensed venues.

The suspect has pleaded innocent to the charges saying he was simply swaying inadvertently to the beat of the music – but raid officials have stated he was caught red-handed trying to pull off some clearly illegal positions.

“There were some real solid movements in his arms and quite distinguishable knee lifts,” officials said.

One eyewitness claimed the man was trying to pull off the highly addictive Running Man dance sequence.

Tokyo Police Chiefs have voiced alarm over the government’s proposal to loosen dance legislation.

“We are concerned that the recent decision to overturn the dancing ban will encourage reckless groove experimentation, especially amongst young people, creating serious health risks,” said one constable.

“Dangerous new funky gear has been constantly popping up around Tokyo, often smuggled in by foreigners, and people should be vigilant that they don’t succumb to these harder dance moves.”

The arrested man faces up to three months jail and is likely to be admitted to Dancers Anonymous Rehab with no retrospective reprieve.

Tokyo Police have issued a public warning for party revelers “to feel the funk in moderation” with the anticipated law change.


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