First petal tip protruding from sakura bud sends Japan into wild frenzy

A tiny fraction of a piece of cherry blossom petal poking out of a green flower bud in Nagoya’s Heiwa Park has sent the whole of Japan into a wild frenzy.

The news was too much for some with many people becoming one with nature by completely stripping down naked and running into nearby parks and woodland areas.

“I saw one man screaming, ‘spring is here’, as he ran past me wearing nothing but a pair of getas,” said one bystander.

National television stations halted regular programming for live feeds to Heiwa Park to capture the first sighting of a cherry blossom petal since about the same time last year.

“We’re looking up at the tree now and can see just a small amount of pink protruding from one sakura bud,” a journalist reported.

The petal was barely visible to the naked eye measuring about two millimetres in diameter.

“It appears to be light pink and looks almost exactly the same as last year,” said another reporter.

Despite the widespread frenzy the Tokyo Stock Exchange managed to resume normal operations about fifteen minutes after initial sakura petal reports.



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