A foreign woman who received a white paper slip with red and black writing from the post office this week has finally made the call, without even consulting local friends.

“I thought I could do it this time,” says 4-years-a-gaijin Sara Joyce.

Joyce immediately started to sweat after the automated voice advised her that the call “will cost 10 yen every 30 seconds”.

“I was under more pressure than the JLPT,” says Joyce.

“I felt as if automated voice woman was really relishing in my rising levels of stress.”

Joyce was asked to punch in her postcode, followed by the number coinciding with the type of mail, followed by the “sharp” key.

“Sharp? What the hell is sharp?” thought Joyce.

In the heat of the moment, both the hashtag and the star key looked as if they could be “sharp”.

“But I couldn’t bail out, I’d already spent 20 yen,” said Joyce, who quickly forgot about the money post-call because she can’t read her phone bill anyway.

The call ended with Joyce wondering if she had passed or failed.