Attendees at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration raised pitchforks and burning torches as Hillary Clinton was elevated above the crowds in a small cage.

“I thought Hillary being winched into the air in a novelty sized bird cage was a really nice touch to the ceremonies program,” said one avid Trump supporter.

Trump was sworn in as President Of The United States while placing his tiny left hand on a pocket-sized bible.

“In the end we went for ‘The Bible In Colors Adult Coloring Book’, the Rosenman edition,” said Trump’s chief advisor.

Presidential Inauguration Program

Trump gave a 140 characters or less inauguration speech before the scheduled “Lowering Of The Cage”.

“Personally, I was disappointed it was a cage and not a guillotine,” said another Trump supporter holding a 5-foot long sickle.

Image: Wikipedia (edited TRW)


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