NASA’s unmanned New Horizons spacecraft has made the historic discovery that Pluto largely mirrors the dome of Japanese firebrand conservative Naoki Hyakuta’s head.

However, NASA scientists believe the dwarf planet comprises more humility, managing to peacefully share the region with three moons for billions of years.

Historic Discovery of Pluto Resembling Naoki Hyakuta's Cranium
Historic Discovery of Pluto Resembling Naoki Hyakuta’s Cranium

The New Horizons science team is now considering renaming the planet to more appropriately reflect the similarity to Hyakuta’s cranium and have opened up name suggestions to the public. (You can submit your suggestion below.)

NASA is confident Hyakuta will agree with the renaming of Pluto after his noggin, promising to fix the planet to the far right of all NASA solar system maps.



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