Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been acting as a pseudo assistant language teacher over the past decade educating foreigners on advanced terminologies such as ‘cronyism’.

“If it wasn’t for the government acting partial in awarding jobs and other advantages to friends, family relatives or work colleagues, I never would have learnt the term ‘enkoshugi’ (縁故主義),” says 27-year-old Japanese language student Victor Brown.

“I didn’t even know the meaning of cronyism in English.”

Many foreigners have also learnt how to say, “Moritomo Gakuen”.

“I now know that ‘gakuen’ means an educational institution, and that ‘Moritomo Gakuen’, a nationalist educational institution, was given financial favors from the government,” says another Japanese language student Natalie Finlay.

“Thanks to Abe’s government, I’ve been able to memorize ‘enkoshugi’ due to its consistent repetition in real life.

“And now it’s come out that the Prime Minister of Japan was involved in the tender for a veterinary school that was awarded to an education institute run by his close buddy Kotaro Kake – thanks Shinzo,” says Finlay.

Finlay says the government, however, failed to help her with the term ‘sexual harassment’.

“That was already in katakana, セクハラ.”

Image: Koichi Hagiuda’s blog


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