A Democratic Party candidate running for the upper house election has exchanged his white gloves for a pair of white fighting peacocks.

Politicians in Japan regularly campaign for elections by waving at voters while wearing white gloves to garner attention and subliminally inform constituents that their dirty corrupt hands are actually pure white clean hands.

“My team thought about how we could attract more attention from voters and our young intern Taki Yoshimura suddenly posed the question, ‘How about two white fighting cocks?’” said the DP candidate.

The albino peacocks were purchased for around 90,000 yen a pop.

“We have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the exotic animal markets so we were able to get a fairly good price,” said the DP candidate.

“We got a bit of a discount too because we purchased more than one – that’s just the way the rare wildlife industry works.”

The DP team are confident the “magnificent, heavenly-like albino cocks” will draw a large crowd and boost support behind the Democratic Party nominee.

Image: Parise


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