A politician has increased support over rival candidates, according to a Kyodo News poll on Saturday, after installing a gigantic megaphone on the roof of his sound car.

The latest nationwide survey shows support for the Japanese Communist Party candidate Urusai Itsudemo jumped 5.4 percentage points to 33.4 per cent from last month.

“This spike in popularity has clearly materialized on the back of a prude investment in the Sony Megablaster MTC-V960311DW,” NHK reported.

The survey also found that 7.2 per cent said they would vote for the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan if they purchased larger speakers for their sound cars.

“If I can hear someone’s name endlessly repeated at a sound level exceeding 90 decibels, then they’ve got my vote,” says local housewife Konyamo Arai.

The survey was conducted by shouting via megaphone at 3,359 randomly selected eligible voters minding their own business in their place of residence.

Image: Wiki