Forecasts of Typhoon Jebi being the most powerful to hit Japan in 25 years actually turned out to be accurate.

“What the hell just happened?” Yumi Takazaki reported this morning on NHK news.

“We were predicting a destructive, all powerful typhoon, but we didn’t think it would really transpire.”

“No one actually belived that shit about a super typhoon, we just reported it,” said Takazaki.

Video: Truck rolling over on bridge.

Many foreigners were also caught up in the devastating storm.

“The wind was so powerful I just threw my umbrella away in the can hole of a vending machine,” said 8-years-a-gaijin Kevin Cartwright.

“And it was a good one too, not one of those shitty 100 yen transparent plastic ones – it was painful to see it go.”

Video: Kyoto Station roof collapsing.

Locals looked on in shock as the gaijin walked through the rain without an umbrella or a briefcase over his head.

Image: AP

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