The pronunciation of a kanji within a name seen online this morning has been reduced to just 85 possibilities.

“It could be ‘kon’, or it could be ‘kin’, or it could be ‘kana’, or it could be ‘kane’, or it could be ‘ka’, or it could be ‘ko’,” said long-time Internet reader Terrance Locker.

Professor Yomezuda Remo from Toyo University says gaijin are “already up against it”, as they “can’t even get their heads around stroking in the correct order”.

“If you can’t count from one to ten in the appropriate order, what hope have you got,” says the Toyo University Professor.

Professor Remo does however admit that even he, as the head of the Toyo University Kanji In Names department, still can’t read many of the names he sees written in most documents or publications.

“Actually, it’s just a complete shitstorm,” says Remo, “you think famous people naming their children Apple is bad, try coming to Japan where you can’t even figure out how to say apple.”




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