Pyongyang Settles On New Missile Target: Sendai Nuclear Plant

Pyongyang has publicly expressed gratitude to Japan’s ruling party for solidifying a target for North Korea’s missile launches – the Sendai Nuclear Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Until now the North Korean military has been firing missiles in Japan’s general direction but the relaunch of Japan’s first nuclear reactor since the 2011 Tohoku disaster has given North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un a real focal point.

“We’ve struggled to live up to the expectations of the Japanese Government of being an actual military threat but this will enhance our potential,” Kim Jong-un announced.

“Our strikes have been slicing out wide and we’ve developed some bad foot positioning habits when pressing the launch button – this new clear target will really straighten up our aim.”

Pyongyang is now scrambling to attack the 30 year-old nuclear reactor before it is destroyed by the nearby highly active volcano or malfunctioning problems that have a high probability of occurring after lying unused for years.



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