The Japanese government has announced its bewilderment that a recently announced racism survey for foreigners isn’t reaching its target audience.

The racism surveys have been inserted into all disposable tissue packets being handed out for free all over greater Tokyo.

[You Can Complete Racism Survey Below]

The government says it is baffled as to why the surveys “just aren’t getting into any gaijin’s hands”.

Only around two surveys have been collected from the almost 250 million disposable tissues handed out last week.

Despite the low numbers of surveys collected officials have begun formulating some broad assumptions.

“Although we only have two surveys we have already been able to make some very precise sweeping generalizations,” said one government official.

The government has now turned to the Internet encouraging foreigners to fill out the survey online. You can complete the government’s official racism survey below.

Complete Racism Survey Here:

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Image: Russ Bowling



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