A red panic button was triggered at a local department store in Nagoya yesterday when a tourist dared to question the cause or reason for which something was done.

Staff working within earshot of the gaijin held their collective breaths after the foreign man asked ‘why?’ – a word whose implications bespeak so much evil that it should not be verbalized in public.

“A cold shiver shot up the back of my spine and I was momentarily paralyzed,” said Naomi Tsubaki.

“Thank god Hiroki had the wherewithal to activate the panic button.”

A red flashing light signalled to staff that they needed to stop what they were doing and quickly make a cross symbol gesture with their arms directed at the gaijin.

“I flattened out my hands and proceeded to arrange my arms into the shape of a large ‘X’,” said one staffer.

Staff members then repeatedly apologized in an ambiguously general manner to allow just enough room for confusion as to whether the apology was for their inability to carry out the request or for the store’s fantastically rigid protocol.

Image: alertus.com



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