Many people in Japan perceive foreign boyfriends as a symbol of high status, especially white ones.

One company has now tapped into this sentiment and launched Japan’s first rent-a-gaijin service.

“Our clients just want a temporary gaijin, no one actually wants a long-term relationship with them,” says Rent-Mai-Gaijin CEO David Suzuki.

Suzuki says they have a diverse range of gaijin available for rent and are eventually looking to “expand the business to include girljin”.

Currently, there is a 20% surcharge to rent a white man, while balding white men have a 30% surcharge because they all look like Bruce Willis.

This month Steve from Chiyoda-ku is on special at half price.

You too can rent Steve

“Steve is a ‘nice guy’, likes eating, drinking coffee in cafes, and shopping at Uniqlo.”

People can rent Steve by faxing 0-9-0-m-a-i-g-a-i-j-i-n.

Rent-Mai-Gaijin is a subsidiary of The Rising Wasabi Pty Ltd.

Image: Pixa