A man playing pachinko in downtown Ueno this morning only has about 73 metal balls remaining.

Tomi Fujimoto sat down to a “CRX Big Dream ~ God Attack” machine with around 3,000 balls this morning at around 9:53 a.m.

Fujimoto now has less than one hundred metal balls still fighting the good fight.

“I swear if the next ball bearing I release into this Big Dream God Attack doesn’t result in a Zeus Bang Surprise,” says Fujimoto, “I’m going to have to smash my fist through this green frog holding a treasure chest.”

With 20 balls remaining Fujimoto was asked to shift his chair over slightly to accommodate for the winnings of an Aphrodite Hammer Combo won by the lady on the next machine.

Image: Flickr/DavidSaltuari


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