The right side of a kanji was written first in a Nakano Ward post office on Monday in a vain attempt to recall the left side of the kanji.

“I think I was on the verge of remembering the left side, but the force of the right side was strong with this kanji,” said 37-year-old English teacher Sarah Wellington.

“And once I wrote the right side it just made matters worse.”

The incident occurred just moments after Wellington received her mandatory “kanji jyozu desune” from post office staff.

“Kanji jyozu desune,” said 44-year old Amari Iminai, one of just four post office clerks standing near the entrance.

The failure to recall the left side of the kanji, however, only elevated Iminai’s genkiness who was more than happy to share her own kanji writing skills with the foreigner.

Iminai returned to standing around doing nothing after Wellington left the post office.



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