Abe Fighting for his Life After Suffering Serious Injuries from Piranha Plant

The Prime Minister of Japan is in intensive care in a Rio hospital after suffering horrific injuries from a piranha plant. Shinzo Abe emerged from...

Japanese Pole Vaulter Crushes Olympic Dream and Bodily Stereotypes With His Own Penis

A Japanese pole-vaulter Hiroki Ogita has crushed both his Olympic dream and broad-sweeping bodily stereotypes with his own penis. Ogita's shin grazed the bar while...

Olympics Reminds Gaijin How Annoyingly Similar Gold and Silver are in Japanese

The Rio Olympics has given Gary Pearson the chance to be reminded just how annoyingly similar gold and silver are in Japanese. “As if it...

Japanese Rugby Team Defeats New Zealand at Rio Olympics

PHOTO NEWS: Japan Rugby Team Defeats New Zealand at Rio Olympics Rio Olympics Men's Rugby Group C Table

Rio Olympic Officials Apologize for “Minor Error” in Chinese Flag

Rio Olympics officials have formerly apologized to China for “minor errors” in the details of the Chinese national flag. “It was an easy blunder to...

Japan’s First Gold Medallist Practices Pose For Upcoming Variety TV Appearances

Kosuke Hagino immediately started practicing his variety TV pose after winning gold in the Men’s 400m individual medley in Rio. Television broadcasting networks Fuji and...

Japan Already Winning Olympic Medals Expected Tally

PHOTO NEWS: Japan Already Winning Olympic Medals Expected Tally The Rising Wasabi