Robert Campbell, a TV celebrity and scholar of Japanese literature publicly came out as gay on Tuesday denouncing recent anti-LGBT comments by Liberal Democratic Party elected officials.

But LDP lawmakers have refuted Campbell’s claims saying he can’t be gay because he “doesn’t speak or dress like a woman”.

“He can’t be gay, he doesn’t look weird enough,” Mio Sugita, a junior member of the House of Representatives belonging to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, told reporters.

“And when I’ve seen him on TV he seems very productive.”

Tom Tanigawa, another Lower House LDP lawmaker, claimed Robert Campbell must be lying because he’s never laughed hysterically at the New York born talent when he’s seen him on variety television programs.

“There’s no way Campbell is gay,” says Tanigawa, “the TV never makes fun of him.”

“You just never know though do you, Americans often get involved in some strange hobbies,” said Tanigawa.

Image: Waseda