Official Press Release

Kyoto Ryukoku University’s Broadway Musical Circle does next production after fifth, the sixth production is “Glease”.

Come join bad arse Daigo, innocent girl Sayaka and the rest of homeroom 3C will taking you to everyone to the world as they lead you on a lock & loll journey.

Glease is a musical, which boasts the largest number of the world performance, the music is still loved deeply rooted!

Bad arse Daigo, innocent Sayaka, and Momoko

Classics “Gleased Rightnin’” and “It’s Laining on Plom Night”, such as a number of masterpieces, and please enjoy freely the dance numbers such that want out involuntarily dance!

Critics have high reviews: “Emergency, placed on a youth lock ‘n’ loll, to journey out heading the real one!”

Event data:
Thursday 9 Feb 5:30 p.m.
Friday 10 Feb 5:30 p.m.
Saturday 11 Feb 12 noon/5 p.m.
Ryukoku University Kyoto Avanti Hall 9F (East Erevator)

All the gang from homeroom 3C

Students: Advance ¥400 / Same Day ¥500
Adults: Advance ¥800 / Same Day ¥1000

What are you waiting! It’s time get your Glease on!

Source and images: LivePocket


  1. It’s 2017 and you’re relying on the old and overdone r/l mixup and Engrish for a cheap laugh? Did the author just discover the Internet?


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