A Japanese salaryman working for an accounting firm in Tokyo has been found still working at his desk despite passing away late last week.

“He was just so busy finishing the Yamamoto File that he didn’t have time to fully comprehend that he’d actually passed away last Friday,” said one work colleague.

Employees at the accounting firm said that Ryota Takahiro was “always first to arrive at the office and always last to leave”.

“I never saw him leave his desk – he was upheld as a model employee married to his job and his ergonomic keyboard,” said another colleague.

The chief manager of the accounting company expressed his condolences towards the employee’s family but says the quality of the Yamamoto File was well below par.

“He should have given us some sort of sign that he’d passed on so we could have given the Yamamoto File to someone else not just running on muscle memory,” the chief manager told reporters after delivering a 90-degree apology bow.

Image: nezumi1203.com



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