Salarymen of Japan have forged on through the eye of Typhoon Jebi in order to maintain their unblemished records of going to work during natural disasters.

Employees were rewarded for defying mother nature and battling winds up to 216 kph with an “Otsukaresama desu” or “Ganbatta ne” .

42-year-old salaryman Shintaro Nobuhiro risked his life so he could sit on the Suzuki file all day without actually doing any productive work.

“I nearly died out there, at one stage I was parallel to the ground holding onto the back of an Osaka-bound express train,” said Nobuhiro.

“The train was on time, but I was one second late.

“I must work an extra hour tonight,” says Nobuhiro. “Because I was one second late, I’ll finish up at around 11 p.m.”

Other salarymen weren’t as lucky as Nobuhiro with some train delays forcing many to run to work.

“It was terrible – I was running into a headwind,” said 73-year-old salaryman Mada Hataraki.