A schoolboy from Aichi Prefecture has secured a Japanese patent for the mind-blowing invention of a bin that can be placed on any normal public street.

It is a rare feat for a 12-year-old to be granted a patent, much less one that will transform the Japanese landscape, ridding the streets of pedestrians carrying food wrappers for kilometres on end.

The boy’s elementary school has praised the student’s ingenuity and creative genius.

“I saw one guy with a massive nose carrying this one wrapper for miles, and I thought how about we put some sort of metal object with a hole in it on the side of the street where unwanted things can be inserted,” the boy said.

The so-called “street rubbish bin” will initially be trial tested in a small regional area of Tokyo to reduce any shock caused by the radical change.


    • it’s like saying “a can for trash” instead of “trashcan”.


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