The first strands of productive discussion were killed on Friday in the first annual Taiji dolphin hunting debate.

Taiji dolphin in captivity
Taiji dolphin in captivity

The yearly event lasts around six months of the year with comment pages turning into a bloody hunting ground.

Despite tensions being at an all time high during the debating season many are drawn to the thrill of the action.

“It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, sometimes I even get into it while chowing down on a McDonald’s burger,” said one spectator.

Many are unsuccessful in their attempts to avoid the annual blood bath with their eyeballs now trained to be drawn to anything resembling the word ‘dolphin’.

“I once succumbed to clicking through to one story but it ended up being a scientific study on endorphins,” said one observer.

The debate is set to continue unresolved for the remainder of the year.


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