A foreigner living in central Tokyo has had his oral Japanese recognized as “jyozu” this morning with a minimal supply of hard evidence.

“Okay, I’ve heard enough, this bloke checks out,” thought 33-year-old customer service employee Rei Tomizawa.

“Jyozu desune,” Tomizawa said to the gaijin.

The gaijin’s Japanese had basically secured the ‘jyozu desune’ stamp of approval just prior to verbalizing the ‘chi’ in ‘konnichiwa’.

“That second syllable, cross-checks with the first one, and I believe that confirms jyozu status without a shadow of a doubt,” thought Tomizawa.

“I didn’t even need to hear the ‘chiwa’, it was pretty much a done deal.”

Image: Flickr/HarryMetcalfe


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