Japan Railway Co said Wednesday it will introduce security cameras on trains running in central Tokyo underneath the majority of seats to “boost security”.

The railway operator will introduce the cameras on 550 train cars starting in the spring of 2018, completing installation by 2020 just in time for the arrival of beautiful people with small heads, tall noses, and long legs, for the Tokyo Olympics.

The instalment of cameras is expected to cost around 2 billion yen (US$18 million), according to the company, but it is projecting solid profits through credit card and paypal payments across a range of websites within two years.

“These security cameras are necessary to prevent terrorism,” President Tetsuhiro Tomida said at a press conference, adding they’ve had a lot of interest from “many brave male citizens” willing to “fight terror”.

The cameras­­­ will be well hidden below seats and will be able to capture a good variety of angles.


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