Sexism in Japan was approved on Saturday for addition to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, a committee of the UN announced.

UNSESCO says it has been monitoring the level of political empowerment and economic participation for women in Japan over the past decade.

“Around three-quarters of Japanese companies have no female senior executives with women accounting for less than 10% of management,” says UNESCO spokesman Giuseppe Bormioli.

“Female lawmakers occupy less than 10% of Lower House seats in the government.”

Sexism over the past year featuring the rigging of university exam scores for female applicants and pop idol managers forcing their female talent to apologize for the crimes of male fans secured the UNESCO listing.

“We didn’t even submit this culture to UNESCO,” says Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

It will be Japan’s 25th item on the intangible cultural heritage list, appearing next to a sacred dancing ritual at Sada Shrine in Shimane known as “Sada Shin Noh”, which also starts with an ‘s’.

Image: Reuters