A Kanagawa City task force has been condemned for operating under the name of an English acronym being used in the past tense.

City officials say the dirty work being carried out by SHAT (Seikatsu Hogo Akuwobokumetsusuru Team) was necessary to flush out households receiving excessive welfare benefits.

But authorities have slammed the organization for its choice of acronym saying they should have opted for the simple present tense.

S=Seikatsu (Living), H=Hogo (Security), A=Aku wo bokumetsu suru (Exterminate evil), T=Team

“This is elementary English 101, never use the simple past tense for an acronym,” said Kanagawa City official Nobuhiro Yamashita.

“They should have gone with ‘Intervention’ team rather than ‘Akuwobokumetsusuru’ team.”

Kanagawa City officials apologized at a press conference and highlighted the range of tenses that were available to the strike force:

Officials recommended that the task force learn from the Family Mart convenience store group, which recently merged with Circle-K and opted for the simple present tense acronym of FU.


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