A shirt facing a foreigner eating ramen today has been hit with ramen juice.

“You’ve been ramened,” said Japanese friend Tsuyoi Mensuu.

“Oh for God’s sake, why did I wear white?” foreign woman Kathy Maker replied rhetorically.

Mensuu explained to Kathy that the more noise she makes the “less likely she will be ramened”.

“You have to use full suck force,” said Mensuu, “and continue to use that full suck force until a split second after all of the noodles being sucked enters your mouth.”

“That way you suck in any soup trailing at the end of the noodle, rather than it flying onto your shirt because you end the sucking prematurely.”

Mensuu explained that early slurp suck termination causes the end of the noodle to swing about uncontrollably and result in juice flying in all directions.

Kathy was warned not to drink the ramen soup after finishing her noodles or she would suffer the severe consequences of feeling thirsty.

Image: Flickr/adactio

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