A woman living in central Tokyo made the wily decision to auto-correct a Japanese word into a kanji she herself couldn’t even read before starting the message.

It would have taken less time for Samantha Crawford to leave the word “apple” in hiragana but she elected to hit the space bar an extra three times to take the kanji option.

“Any feelings of guilt I had were quickly nullified by my urge to impress my friend,” said Crawford.

Crawford’s friend had severe difficulties trying to discover the meaning of the kanji and took at least 45 seconds to pinpoint the highlight function onto the kanji, press copy, then open up a dictionary app, hold down her finger on the search input display until the option to paste appeared, press paste, and then finally search the meaning of the kanji.

“These are seconds of my life that I have lost and will never get back – and she probably didn’t even know the meaning of the kanji before she selected it,” said Crawford’s friend.


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