In an incredible feat of sustained determination a commuter today in Tokyo was seen smartphone walking for an astonishing 21 seconds in a busy Tokyo subway station without looking up to gather his bearings.

The man in his late twenties demonstrated little regard for other commuters, travelling close to what largely resembled a straight line, with only slight deviations when confronted with stubborn oncoming opponents.

The plucky smartphone walker exhibited intense powers of concentration, typing out and sending one complete well-thought-out message in one look down, whilst using peripheral vertical vision to detect serious threats to his walk-path.

Eyewitness accounts confirmed the man was highly self-centered yet had superb texting dexterity.

“I see this kind of performance every day but this guy blew me away – he had a total lack of consideration for others yet his ability to nut out a message in the space of around 20 seconds without looking up was truly amazing,” one eyewitness said.


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