Man Learning More Japanese Further Realizes How Much He Doesn’t Know

After learning a bit more Japanese, 34-year-old Greg Egan has also realized how much he doesn’t know just that little bit more.

Foreigner Throwing Away Junk Mail Pretty Sure It’s Junk Mail

A foreign resident living in Osaka disposing of a bunch of junk mail is pretty sure it’s junk mail. “These...

White Man Arrives In Japan Eager To Help With Declining Birthrate

A strapping young white crusader has touched down in Tokyo today just in time to help solve Japan’s worsening population crisis.

Foreigner Receives First Reiwa Era ‘Nihongo Jyozu Desune’

A gaijin going about his daily business has received his inaugural ‘Nihongo jyouzu desune’ of the Reiwa era.

Man Drinking 1-Liter Carton Of Orange Juice

A man has been sighted chugging down one liter of orange juice in a park in Osaka. “He’s drinking...

Old Person Impossible To Understand

A really old person in Chiba Prefecture today was extremely hard to understand for a foreigner thinking he was just starting to...

Gaijin Only Receives 1-Year Visa

A foreigner has learnt today that his new visa is only for a period of one year. Gavin Harvey had...

BREAKING: “Strong Zeros Desu!”

A few foreigners commencing a Saturday afternoon drinking sesh have declared Strong Zeros to be the “ichiban f***ing saikou nomimono desu”.

Foreigner Just Gonna Go With が Particle

Without sounding the least bit convincing, some gaijin in Yokohama has elected to go with the が particle while speaking to a native this...

I Speak In Japanese But People Keep Replying In English

A foreigner staring blankly up at the Tokyo sky has told of his harrowing experience of Japanese people continuing to reply in...