China Calls Japan To Say It Wants Its Kanji Back

China’s President Xi Jinping said his country wants its kanji back in a telephone call with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday.

Gaijin Ages 15 Years On Flight Home

A foreign man living in Japan for the past two decades has aged around fifteen years on a flight returning to his home...

Some Cocky Foreigner Selling JLPT Textbooks Online As If Already Mastered

A cocky foreigner is currently selling JLPT textbooks online as if he’s way past that sub-par level that he once was.

Water Company Still Using Keigo Despite Being Told “Gaikokujin Desukedo”

A water company representative has continued to use honorific Japanese despite being told on more than one occasion “gaikokujin desukedo”. Lucy Jackson...

I Can’t Write That Kanji, But I Can Read It

A non-native learner of the Japanese language has declared that he “can’t write that kanji”, but he “can read it”. “Just...

Study Finds Natto Actually Has No Health Benefits

A new scientific report has found the consumption of fermented beans actually has no measurable health benefits. But if...

Purchasing JLPT Textbook Automatically Improves Japanese

A new study has found that the simple act of buying a JLPT textbook is enough to improve Japanese language ability.

REPORT: Japanese Scientists Find 74% Of All Things On TV Are “Sugoi”

A new report released by scientists from the University of Tokyo claims 74% of all things presented on television are “sugoi” (meaning “amazing” in...

Man Learning More Japanese Further Realizes How Much He Doesn’t Know

After learning a bit more Japanese, 34-year-old Greg Egan has also realized how much he doesn’t know just that little bit more.

Foreigner Throwing Away Junk Mail Pretty Sure It’s Junk Mail

A foreign resident living in Osaka disposing of a bunch of junk mail is pretty sure it’s junk mail. “These...