Old Pop Idol Retires Aged 16

Pop idol Rino Sashihara, a popular member of AKB48 affiliate HKT48, has been forced into retirement due to her weary ageing body.

Disobedient Foreigner Still Not Giving Forced Confession

Tokyo prosecutors are getting increasingly frustrated that a dissenting gaijin refuses to give them a forced confession. Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn has continued to...

Swedish Landscape Artist With Japanese Citizenship Making The Rest Of Us Look Bad

A blonde Swedish man flaunting his ripped abs on NHK’s workout program “Minna de Kinniku Taiso” is making the rest of us look bad. Swedish-born...

“Is this washing detergent?”

Posting a second inquiry online in less than one week, a newbie foreigner in Japan has asked, “Is this washing detergent?”

Japanese Word Let Slip While Talking To Mother

A foreign expat living in Japan for the past several years has blurted out a Japanese word while having a conversation with his mother...

Japan Reaches “Cho Frickin’ Atsui Ne” Yearly Peak

The number of “cho frickin’ atsui ne”s articulated by foreigners today reached a year high peak in the Kanto region. The average number of “cho...

Free Comiket Condoms To Be Used Primarily As KFC Finger Napkins

The condom booth participating at this month’s Comiket anime fan event fears their products will be mainly used as KFC Finger Napkins. “Many of the free...

Tokyo Backs Foreigner-Only Carriages Despite Growing Criticism

Citizens of Tokyo are mostly in favor of having single-race carriages on public transport, according to a poll in five of Tokyo’s biggest hubs,...

Unidentifiable Kanji from Last Week’s JLPT Test Creeps into Examinee’s Life

An unidentifiable kanji in the kanji section of the JLPT test last week made a surprise appearance into Tony Anderson’s life late yesterday afternoon. For...

White Man Arrives In Japan Eager To Help With Declining Birthrate

A strapping young white crusader has touched down in Tokyo today just in time to help solve Japan’s worsening population crisis.