Gaijin Only Receives 1-Year Visa

A foreigner has learnt today that his new visa is only for a period of one year. Gavin Harvey had...

BREAKING: “Strong Zeros Desu!”

A few foreigners commencing a Saturday afternoon drinking sesh have declared Strong Zeros to be the “ichiban f***ing saikou nomimono desu”.

Your Name Hollywood Remake To Be Set In Chicago With “Lots Of Gun Violence”

The live-action Hollywood remake of the globally acclaimed Japanese anime film Your Name will feature “lots of gun violence”, according to film...

Japan To Recognize Indigenous Ainu As “Reverse Gaijin”

The Japanese government introduced a bill Friday to recognize the country's indigenous Ainu minority for the first time as “reverse gaijin”.

Japan’s Productivity Up 1.4% In Oct-Dec Quarter After Removal Of Convenience Store Porn

Japan’s productivity rate grew at 1.4 per cent in the October-December quarter, government data showed Thursday, following the removal of pornography magazines from several...

Olympics Minister Cancer Scare “Threatens Gold Medals”

Japan's Olympics minister has expressed concern over a cancer diagnosis “threatening to diminish the success of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo”.

Gaijin Returning Home Surprised To Learn He Now A Raging Sexist

A man returning home to the west after spending the better part of the last decade in Japan has found himself to be...

Overcrowding Of Foreigners Not Sparking Any Joy

Almost half of cities and towns across Japan are concerned about the large quantities of foreign workers not sparking any joy with...

Japan’s Government Warns Of Swine Disease Turning Humans Into Pigs

Japan's swine disease epidemic is spreading, with local authorities in five central and western prefectures saying people venturing through mysterious tunnels to strange abandoned...

Foreigner Just Gonna Go With が Particle

Without sounding the least bit convincing, some gaijin in Yokohama has elected to go with the が particle while speaking to a native this...