China Calls Japan To Say It Wants Its Kanji Back

China’s President Xi Jinping said his country wants its kanji back in a telephone call with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday.

令 (“Authoritarian Command”) Named 2019 Kanji Of The Year

The kanji character 令 (rei), meaning authoritarian command or iron-handed order, has been chosen as the character best representing Japan in the year...

Japan Safest Country In The World For Men

Japan is the safest country in the world for men in 2019, according to the Global Peace Index. “Yatta!”...

Gaijin Ages 15 Years On Flight Home

A foreign man living in Japan for the past two decades has aged around fifteen years on a flight returning to his home...

Pope Plans On Converting Emperor To Christianity Under Guise Of Free English Lessons

Pope Francis aims to entice Emperor Naruhito into joining the faith of Christianity by offering the newly anointed Sun Goddess descendent free English lessons.

Strong Zeros At Harajuku Station To Be Demolished During Tokyo Olympics

Masses of strong zero cans are set to be demolished at Harajuku Station next year with a flood of foreign tourists visiting Tokyo...

Entire Nation Of Japan Lights Up In November Like A Christmas Tree

Japan has started festive season celebrations early this year by lighting up the whole nation like a Christmas tree in November.

I Think It’s Time To Beat The Crap Out Of My Futon Again

A resident of Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo has declared to himself that the time has come to beat the crap out of his...

Manspreader Attacks Woman With Some Kind Of Ancient Reading Material For Crossing Legs

An elderly social justice warrior traveling on a train in Japan has seen fit to carry out punitive measures against a woman...

Katakana Used In Erika Sawajiri’s Name (沢尻エリカ) Blamed For Drug Possession

Erika Sawajiri’s katakanized given name (エリカ) has led to the actress being arrested for possessing the synthetic drug MDMA at her home...