Japan Ends 2018 With Men Retaining Power

Japan has completed 2018 with men maintaining their dominant position in society. “It’s been another successful year,” says Japanese male Kenkryoku...

Japan Withdraws From International Court Of Justice To Resume Witch Hunting

Japan is withdrawing from the International Court of Justice and will resume witch hunting Nissan’s ousted chairman Carlos Ghosn, a government spokesman said Wednesday,...

Christmas Cheer Reduced To “メリクリ”

Christmas in Japan has been reduced to “メリクリ” this year with a full “メリークリスマス” being way too arduous. “Nobody...

828-Yen Plastic Tree Serving As Substitute For Family Back Home

A Christmas tree purchased from furniture retail company Nitori has become the perfect substitute for some gaijin’s family back home in gaikoku.

Selfish Old Man Happy To Retire At 85

A selfish elderly man has released a statement today expressing his relief that his days of working is coming to an end at...

Medicine With Lots Of Cool Kanji Must Be Good

A woman searching for cold medicine in a local drug store in Nagoya City today has decided on a packet with a...

Japan To Resume Whaling: “Intelligent Whales Can Swim To International Waters”

Japan will withdraw from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and resume commercial whaling in the new year, and says, “the more intelligent...

BREAKING: Japan Makes Up New Charges To Re-arrest Ghosn

Japan re-arrested Nissan Motor Co.’s former Chairman Carlos Ghosn on fresh allegations of misconduct, meaning he will not be eating KFC this Christmas.

Ghosn To Be Released On Bail Just In Time For KFC

A court on Thursday rejected prosecutors’ request to extend the detention of former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn, boosting his chances of eating...

Commuter Walking On Escalator Kills 3

JR East has started a campaign urging people not to walk up escalators after a “walker” last week killed three people.