New Japanese Phrase Invented For Summer: “Natsui ne”

A new Japanese phrase has been invented for summer cleverly crafted through the combination of the words “hot” and “summer”.

Takeaway Food To Be Taxed Only 6% If Eaten On Public Transport

The Japanese government released a report on Friday advocating for the reduction of tax for food items consumed while traveling on public...

Pedestrian Dies Before Reaching Next Shady Patch

A pedestrian has passed away today in Japan after failing to reach the next shady area on the footpath. The...

Selfish Son Goes Back To Live In Japan Again

The adult son of Mr. and Mrs. Cunnington has flown back to live in Japan again today, leaving his entire family behind.

Japan Approves Plans To Create Human-Pokemon Hybrids

Human-Pokemon hybrids will be developed in Japan after the government approved controversial stem-cell research. Human cells will be grown...

Strange Human Doesn’t Know Its Own Blood Type

A curious human being has admitted to being ignorant of its own blood type, according to local sources. “Shinjirarenaiiiii,” said...

Train Overshoots Commuter By 35 Meters

Thinking he was just about to get on, a commuter has been completely overshot by the train. The man was perfectly...

Japan To Ban The Gaijin Smash Ahead Of Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Japan will ban the gaijin smash in preparation for an influx of foreigners coming to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games.

8% Would Have Been Enough

Eight per cent would have been more than sufficient, a foreign resident in Osaka City has reported on Saturday afternoon.

Foreign Thing Labelled In Katakana Won’t Ever Be Truly Accepted Into Society

A foreign object residing in Japan for centuries will never genuinely be accepted into society. “これはテーブルです,” says local resident Haruko...