Gaijin Turns 8-Years-Old

A man has turned 8 gaijin-years-old, according to the man himself who tells people of his gaijin age on a regular basis.

Japanese University Currently Running Exchange Student Trade Deficit

A university in south-west Japan is running an exchange student trade deficit for this fiscal year. Yumi Tanaka is...

Japanese Scientists Discover How To Individually Package Atoms

A team of Japanese scientists has successfully packaged individual atoms – in what is believed to be a global first.

McDonald’s Japan Releases The Adult Cream Pie

McDonald’s has announced the release of their latest product named the “Adult Cream Pie”. Many pundits are saying the...

Japan To Recommend “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” For UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List

The government decided Friday to recommend the “guilty until proven innocent” legal system of Japan as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage candidate for 2021.

Japan Releases Dates For Getting Drunk In A Park (2020 Edition)

The annual schedule for appropriate dates to get wasted in a park has been released by Japan’s Meteorological Agency.

Japan Says Forced Confessions In Solitary Confinement “Part Of Our Culture”

Japan’s justice minister launched an attack on Carlos Ghosn after he lampooned the country’s legal system, saying “forced confessions”, “solitary confinement” and...

Prosecutors Raid Kitchen Of Ghosn’s Wife

Tokyo prosecutors on Wednesday raided the kitchen of the wife of Carlos Ghosn, Carole Ghosn, who is presumed to have cooked lots...

Japan Says Ghosn Escaped Because “People Always Avoid Foreigners On Trains”

Japanese authorities have announced former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn was able to escape undetected via bullet train because people don’t sit next...

Netflix Announces New Series: “Ghosn In 60 Seconds”

Netflix today announced they had bought the rights to Carlos Ghosn's escape from Japan with the provisional title, "Ghosn in 60 Seconds”.