Tokyo 2020 Olympics To Coincide With ‘Atsui Ne’ Yearly Peak

Tokyo Olympic organizers have today realized the 2020 Olympic Games will coincide with the nation’s “Atsui ne” yearly peak.

Foreign Thing Labelled In Katakana Won’t Ever Be Truly Accepted Into Society

A foreign object residing in Japan for centuries will never genuinely be accepted into society. “これはテーブルです,” says local resident Haruko...

2020 Olympic Medals To Be Awarded With Small Plastic Bags

Tokyo 2020 medals made from recycled consumer devices will be presented to winning athletes with small plastic bags. The environmental...

Foreigner Has Small Window Of Opportunity To Prove Japanese Skills

A foreigner has frantically attempted to convey a reasonable standard of Japanese this morning from the moment he began interacting with a...

Bread Is Really Sweet

Bread is really sweet in Japan, reported some foreigner today recently living and working in Chiba Prefecture. “This pan...

Japan Celebrates Anniversary Of First Man Landing On The Gaikoku

Japan has celebrated the 178th anniversary of the first Japanese man to set foot on the Gaikoku. Nakahama Manjiro,...

Man Learning More Japanese Further Realizes How Much He Doesn’t Know

After learning a bit more Japanese, 34-year-old Greg Egan has also realized how much he doesn’t know just that little bit more.

Foreigner Hangs Out With English-Speaking People After Teaching English All Week

After teaching over 30 hours of English this week, foreign resident Miles Harbrock is now hanging out with English-speaking people in Roppongi.

Record 3,671 Articles Published In 2019 About Foreigners Visiting Japan

A record 3,671 articles were published about foreigners visiting Japan in the first six months of 2019, up 7.6 per cent from the...

Japanese Weather Tirelessly Producing Rain Without A Break

Japan’s weather has continued to produce rain without a break for nineteen consecutive days. The incessant formation of clouds, however,...