Japan’s Ministry of Environment (MOE) has launched an online ballot to democratically elect a new “Moe” character for a government global warming prevention campaign.

The government narrowed down the huge number of public drawing submissions to ten school uniform wearing teenage girls.

“Nothing says global warming prevention like a girl’s school uniform,” said one senior male MOE staffer.

The general public can now go online and vote for the best “Moe” character from the incredible variety of “Moe” themes ranging from solid orange school uniforms to blue plaid school uniforms.

You voted for number 08!

“I don’t know whether to register my vote for the upper thigh length skirt or the lower thigh length skirt,” said one environmentally conscious citizen.

“I’m completely spoilt for choice.”

You can now vote online here for the best climate change mascot or alternatively learn about the liftability of schoolgirl skirts from moving objects.

Image: MOE


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