Staff working at Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo broadcast an announcement at 8:31 p.m. last night informing commuters of an upcoming announcement scheduled for 8:34 p.m.

“We’re sorry to interrupt this vitally important message with another message of equal importance,” said the faceless station worker.

“The next announcement will be broadcast in less than three minutes, that’s three minutes from now at 8:34 p.m.”

The station staff repeated the announcement another two times and threw in a couple of ‘moushiwakegozaimasen’s for good measure.

No one actually listened to the announcement, but the speaker noise was just loud enough to intensify the already reasonably high stress levels on the platform.

“Maybe about one in a thousand I’ll listen to, if the trains are delayed, but otherwise they subliminally annoy the f*** out of me,” said 46-year-old commuter Katsuro Yamaguchi.

Image: Flickr/Perke


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