NHK World’s “Home Sweet Tokyo” is the first sitcom to air on Japan’s national broadcaster in which the lead character is addicted to marijuana and incessantly involved in petty crimes.

“We thought it would be a true representation of the foreign population if we had our main character Brian Jenkins as a small time criminal addicted to the green stuff,” says Home Sweet Home NHK producer Oremo Harawanai.

“Hilarity ensues as Jenkins commits misdemeanours in almost every episode and claims gaijin smash immunity.”

The first side-splitting episode cleverly ties in Jenkins’ back-story explaining how he decided he needed to come to Japan because he was really into anime porn.

Less than a day after marrying the first gaijin hunter he dated, his wife suddenly lost her high-pitched voice and overnight Jenkins became the bitch in the relationship.

Harawanai says the gaijin community has reacted well to the first episode saying they also hate natto and can never purchase any decent cheese.

“Many gaijin have contacted us asking if it is possible to give more money to the NHK man when he comes knocking on the door,” says Harawanai.

Next week’s episode will feature Jenkins stealing a loaf of bread from a Western-style bakery and getting a sweet Tokyo discount on a bag of hashish from his guy.

Image: NHKHomeSweetTokyo


  1. I can see how this season ends, with the Gaijin hunter refusing to have sex ever again after falling pregnant. The Gaijin is then micro aggressively driven out of Japan never to see his wife or first born ever again.


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