An additional piece of plastic was stuck onto a plastic bag today after a customer purchased one t-shirt.

“I mean, thank god for that extra bit of plastic, who knows what would have become of my item of clothing,” said one 38-year-old shopper Shohin Noboru.

Customers say they have no idea what the tape is for, however the extra piece of plastic gives them a greater sense of ‘omotenashi’.

“I just feel my merchandise is safer when the bag is tightly sealed at the top.”

“The other week when it wasn’t taped up, I lost my brand new trousers when they climbed their way out of the bag.”

Store management says sticky tape offers an important level of service to customers and it’s also a very polite way of informing customers “don’t you dare put any f***in’ stolen goods in your bag, we’ve taped it up”.



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